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Danger, Beware
Please be aware that for sometime now someone, probably local, has been spreading nails down the road from Collber Lane to the turning circle at the end of West Grove. The last two dates that this has happened are Sunday 12th October, Friday 17th October 2008. The police have been informed and PC 1105 Weldon and PC 1274 Mick Oliver are in charge of the case.

If you have had a puncture, and a lot of people have, on or near these dates please report it to these officers by telephoning 0845 6060247 quoting general incident number NYP-17102008-00395.

This person has to be caught before he or she kills someone. A tyre blowing at high speed could cause an accident resulting in a fatality. Finally if you know or have any idea who may be spreading the nails please inform the police it could save a life.Thank you for taking the time and trouble to read this. Please report any suspicions or incidents and help catch this person







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