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North Yorkshire Police, Harrogate and District Neighbourhood Watch Association and SmartWater Technology Limited have combined forces to bring a revolutionary product to local households, enabling the use of this amazing product to mark and protect our domestic property at a very modest cost. 

SmartWater is an innovative product, which can be used for the unique identification of articles within a household.  95% of UK police forces currently use it for specific intelligence gathering and it has resulted in a very high number of convictions with 100% success/conviction rate.  SmartWater products are variously described as a system of ‘forensic’, or DNA bar coding, or ‘forensic fingerprinting’.  A clear solution is supplied in a 10ml bottle (sufficient for 50-80 applications) and each contains a unique cocktail of chemicals which can be identified and traced back to its source.  For example, if a container is registered to a particular household, then any property marked with the fluid from that container can be identified as having originated from that address.  The fluid is extremely difficult to remove and one small speck can easily be exposed through ultraviolet light and then be technically traced back to its source, which is recorded on a robust administrative system held by SmartWater Technology Limited. 

A major additional benefit is the deterrent effect.  There has been an average reduction in crime of 45% (independently assessed) where the product has been used and posters displayed to show its use.  Thieves are reluctant to burgle houses using SmartWater when there are easier ‘pickings’ elsewhere.  They simply cannot risk handling coded property because it links them directly to the crime …..often a long time after the event.

Application of the solution can be made to all household items – IT & audio/visual equipment, power and garden tools, golf clubs, jewellery, cycles and all other sentimental/valuable items.  Full application instructions are supplied. The effectiveness of the product can be summarised by the experiences to date of a 100% recovery rate of products coded with SmartWater compared with less than 10% of other items being returned to their rightful owners. The Smart Water website (opens in a new window) is well worth accessing for feedback

Harrogate and District police have been using the product recently and have had excellent results. Though they are unable to market the product directly to individual households, they have arranged for it to be available through Harrogate & District Neighbourhood Watch for residential use at a vastly reduced, preferentially negotiated priceIt is possible for NW members to purchase from H&D NHW via their coordinators.

Further information on the product and how to order is available on the H&D NHW website (opens in a new window) or through your local police station.  If you are not currently a member of Neighbourhood Watch, then it is very easy to set one up – with information on the web or via the Police Community Safety Officer on 01423 539347 during business hours.

North Yorkshire is a relatively low crime area, but we should not become complacent and now is a good time to seek and use crime prevention methods which in the event of theft will substantially increase the chances of recovery of your possessions.                                                                                                         (Jan 2009)


Q         What do I do if I move House or change my name?

A         Inform SmartWater Technology Ltd of your registered name and address and your new name and address and they will update the file.

Q         Can I share the product with a neighbour or family member at a different address?

A         In theory, yes but not recommended as one party may move house (or even die) and then this would lead to complications.  The police have higher priorities!

Q         My son/daughter is going to University, can I SWT code his/her possessions?

A         Yes, as children usually have the same home base, returning for holidays and recovered items can be traced back to their rightful owner.  However, students can also purchase SmartWater through most Universities at £10 each, with registration covered during their period of study.

Q         Can SmartWater be used on valuables?

A         Yes, as long as you follow the instructions.  Ideally apply to nooks and crannies – even on jewellery. Avoid applying SmartWater to moving parts.  If attempts are made to remove the product it is almost impossible once matured and the slightest speck can be analysed to identify the code.

Q         How secure is my user information on the database?

A         SmartWater Technology Ltd hold identification codes on the National Security Register, which has the highest level of data security in the world, as used by MI5 and GCHQ.  It does not hold any specific information on items coded by yourself.

Q         Can I order one for my relative living in …..?           

A         Yes, but we suggest that your relative first checks with local police if they are familiar with SmartWater.  They may also have a household supply scheme.

Q         What if I do not send the Statement of Registration Form back?

A         Without registration, recovered property cannot be identified with the correct ownership and furthermore the police cannot relate the theft to a specific incident.

Q         How can I demonstrate the effectiveness of the product application?

A         It is not possible to identify the specific code which can only be achieved by the police taking a special swab and sending to SWT for analysis.  However an ultraviolet torch can be used to locate the SmartWater.  H&D NW obtain UV detector lights for sale at £6 each and co-ordinators may wish to purchase one on behalf of their neighbours for demonstration purposes – and useful to detect counterfeit money.

Q         Can I expect a reduction in my contents insurance premium?          

A         It is worth asking the question of your Insurance Company.  We are aware that it has happened and SWT are currently in discussion with the Association of British Insurers. 

HDNW (Jan 2009)



1.                 Please complete the form below with your name, address and telephone number and e-mail address, if available, and forward together with cheque for payment to your local Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator (SEE BELOW).  Please make cheques payable to Harrogate & District Neighbourhood Watch Association.  As records will be kept of the product specific coding and your individual address, please kindly tick the box required by data protection legislation.

 2.                 Delivery will be made to the H&D NW Coordinator for collection as soon as the product is available (usually from stock)                    (Jan 2009)



Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator:

            Mrs J A Gant

          Meadow View

Colber Lane

Bishop Thornton


North Yorkshire


TEL: 01423 772617



          Please supply one 10ml bottle of SMARTWATER to:



          Telephone No.:

          E-mail Address:

I enclose a cheque donation to the value of £22.00 (incl.VAT) to cover the cost and made payable to Harrogate & District Neighbourhood Watch Association.

          I hereby agree to my information being held by SmartWater Technology, North Yorkshire Police and H&DNW (Please tick the box)

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