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Did you know the average household in Britain throws away about a third of the food they buy? Would you like to reduce the waste produced in your community?
Our training can help! We're looking for people who are keen to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to encourage people in your local community to minimise their waste through home composting and food waste reduction.
You can help your local community save up to £420 per person a year on food bills, and how to stop wasting so much grub!
On our training course you will learn to run games and activities so you can engage with different members of the community and encourage food waste reduction locally.
But don't expect to be sitting down during this training session! We won't just tell you what you can do... we are going to do it with you! We will facilitate games and activities with you and your course mates so you can test the techniques before you put them into practice in your community.
If you complete the training session successfully you will be awarded with a certificate and a resource kit to help you start spreading the waste reduction message.
There will be one training session per district and they will be held in community centres and village halls with exact places to be confirmed once you book a place for the session. The session will run from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm aprox.
Harrogate: 10 March 2009
Dinner and refreshments will be provided and travel expenses will be subsidised.
This fantastic training is being run by environmental charity Waste Watch, on behalf of all the councils in York and North Yorkshire, in a bid to reduce the waste mountain.

If you would like more info or want to sign up,
contact Luna at
or call
01609 535 204
0753 1898 405
a week in advance of the training session in your district.


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